objectiF 7.1

objectiF 7.1: Tool for model-driven software development with UML in C#, C++ and Java Tool for model-driven software development with UML in C#, C++ and Java. Develop domain models with the UML and automatically transform them into technical models and large amounts of code. Round Trip with Visual Studio and Eclipse. Suitable for iterative development. For requirements modeling objectiF offers use case models, activity and state diagrams. objectiF supports the development of RIA and SOA.

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Igoodsoft Enterprise Development Edition 1.01

Igoodsoft Enterprise Management Development Edition is On-Demand Business Software Quick Development Platform. It provide secondary development, you may custom menu, custom module, custom control, custom field, custom expressions etc. , so that you quickly may develop own business software to satisfy own business`s needs. It integrates user management, privilege control, add, modify, delete query, print etc. operations.

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MYTUI is a TUI widget library based on curses. It is written in C and provides many ready-to-use widgets for rapid application development of text user interfaces. It is mainly delivered to develop UNIX-based applications. MYTUI also provides a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) development tool: ©wdesigner. It is the most complete RAD tool to develop text-based UI applications under UNIX/LINUX environments.

listbox, widgets, rad tool, unix, curses, scroll window pulldown menu, linux, datagrid

Varal WAMP 2.0.0: Varal WAMP allows you to develop and host websites on your PC with great ease.
Varal WAMP 2.0.0

Varal WAMP allows you to develop and host websites on your PC with great ease. Whether you are a web designer or a advanced web developer, Varal WAMP has been developed keeping you in mind. The current version of Varal WAMP is build with latest configuration. Its powerful yet user friendly interference ensures you can focus on development rather than spending hours configuring the server. Visit its official website at

apache, xdebug, host, wamp, develop, mysql, development, server, varal, phpmyadmin

OutSystems Agile Platform CE 6.0.0: Deploy and manage web apps and business processes, using agile methodologies.
OutSystems Agile Platform CE 6.0.0

Development and Management solution to develop, deploy, manage and change enterprise web applications. IT teams around the world use the Agile Platform to develop, deploy, manage and change web applications that are robust, ready to scale and based on standard technology, ensuring no vendor lock-in. Benchmarks have shown that customers using the Agile Platform can deliver their custom web applications up to 10.9x faster than with other technologies

enterprise, application development, application, rapid application development, custom application development, web application development, enterprise web applications, development, model driven development, agile development

PowerDBTools 2.1: Powerful database management tool.
PowerDBTools 2.1

development environment to assist our system developers in their database administration, development and testing tasks. This product has been used heavily by a large group of developers in varied environments utilizing multiple databases. This tool has been extremely instrumental in all of our development tasks. We will continue to further develop our product by enabling more database types and adding new features tools which will make your work

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VaxVoIP SIP SDK 3.2: VaxVoIP SIP SDK to develop SIP based VoIP softphone, webphone and IVR systems.

develop interactive intelligence based answering machine detection feature. IE, FIREFOX, GOOGLE CHROME, SAFARI AND OTHER WEB BROWSERS SUPPORT: Webphone developed by VaxVoIP SIP SDK works with the latest versions of almost all web browsers like: Microsoft`s Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome, Safari and other Mozilla based web browsers. DEVELOP SOFTPHONE FOR POCKET PC, iPHONE, iPAD, iPOD & HAND-HELD DEVICES : It is really easy to develop softphone

sip softphone, develop softphone, sip activex, softphone development, sip sdk, webphone, ios softphone, sip dll, sip ocx

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